Giving to Our Community

Coastal Home Inspection is bigger than just a business.

Coastal Home Inspection is bigger than just a business. We care about people and that will never change. Please partner with us as we journey forward. Whether you need a home inspection or would refer us and our story, it will help us make the world a better place. If you just want to get involved please let us know and we’d love to have you. If you would like to donate to our efforts, please send us a message or reach us on any of our social media platforms.

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Coastal Home Inspection was started by Ben Alexander as a way to create jobs and make the world a better place. After the inspectors are paid and the overhead is taken care of, all profits are given away! Think about that for a moment. It’s a different way of seeing commerce and seeing humanity. The mission is not to drive profits but to drive giving. It is also possible that when you break down where the money goes that you paid for your home inspection you will feel as though you are giving back and making the world a better place as well. We become partners in the mission. To us this isn’t just a business transaction, this isn’t so we can build bigger barns, this is personal and it’s why we created Coastal Ministries. This is the giving arm of what we do.

We do work in our communities, to the farthest reaches of the world and anywhere in between. In our community we spend time with the homeless and those on the fringes of society to bring them hope and maybe a hot meal. We spend time with the elderly, clean up our neighborhoods, we’re active in the homeschooling community, our local churches and are always interested in new ways of helping out.

In the world, one of our major initiatives is going to the most unreachable parts of Guatemala and helping severely impoverished kids and communities start small businesses. Some of the most recent projects have been helping Rosalio start a bakery in La Cruz and helping Saturina bring sewing machines to her community so they can make clothes and sell them at the market. We support a large school of 500 children in Guatemala City where we purchased 15 new computers, built 4 cafeteria tables, outfitted a culinary school and provided supplies for an art challenge created by the art teacher Gabriella.